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Teresa Bryant,  Lead Teacher and Facilitator

Teresa is adjunct faculty in the Masters of Counselling program, Western University, London, Ontario, and a registered psychotherapist specializing in aging, health and death anxiety, chronic and acute illness, and grief and bereavement.

Teresa is a spiritual director and ordained in the Order of Amida Buddha.  She has held positions of leadership in university and hospice settings, as well as other spiritual formation programs.


Teresa (Buddhist name ~ Prajna), is a Pure Land Buddhist with heart ties to Celtic spirituality and an abiding interest in mysticism, monasticism, and interspirituality. Her therapeutic approach is person-centered, insight-oriented, narrative, and existential, integrating mindfulness and compassion-based therapies. She lives in Canada, with her husband James, cat Myko, and dog Honeybee.

Group Facilitators

Susthama Kim ~  is the Head of the Order of Amida Buddha. She works as a Buddhist psychotherapist and supervisor. She enjoys reading and writing about all things to do with our spiritual and mental wellbeing. Susthama is a guest teacher for, The Trance of Self-Addiction. She lives in Watford, United Kingdom, with her family.


Tanya de Reus ~  is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher who received her two-year meditation training from Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She formerly worked as a Registered Nurse and is now pursuing her Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. In a variety of settings, she shares her passion and gift for guiding others into meditative awareness.  She lives in London, Ontario.


Guest Teachers

James Schmeiser is a professor emeritus at Western University, London, Ontario, where he taught and wrote in the areas of dreams, pilgrimage, and religious experience for over 30 years. Although retired, James still functions, from time to time, as a spiritual director or group facilitator for dream work.  James enjoys gardening, reading, and hiking. 



Mary Hamilton is a former professor in modern dance, improvisation, and choreography, and is also one of the authors with Marian Woodman (Jungian Analyst) in the book: Leaving my Father’s House: Journey to Conscious Femininity (1992). In 2009 Mary wrote: The Dragonfly Principle: An Exploration of the Body’s Function in Unfolding Spirituality. (Mandala Books)  As a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada, she pioneered the first full credit dance program in Canada (1973)  and team-taught theatre arts with Marion Woodman. Mary, along with voice specialist, Ann Skinner from the Stratford Theatre Festival, developed and taught the core shadow curriculum offered through the Marion Woodman Foundation:

Brad Hunter is a respected meditation teacher and expert in the area of grief, bereavement, and end-of-life issues. He began his career in cemeteries and crematoria in the early 1970s, coinciding with the beginning of formal meditation practices.  He has also been certified as a hypnotherapist specializing in anxiety, grief, and trauma. Besides facilitating bereavement support groups, individual counselling and group meditations, he is also published in psychological and spiritual journals, while presenting workshops and brief retreats around death, dying & bereavement.

Susan Scott is a Great Lakes writer and editor attuned to story, spirit, self, and culture. Her latest book, Body & Soul, features women writers and poets on unorthodox encounters with the sacred. Her anthology, Stories in My Neighbour’s Faith, introduces narratives from world religions across Canada. She is currently writing a memoir that turns on shame and the sacred in the lives of women and girls. Susan has taught widely in communities and classrooms and has been a guest-lecturer in writing programs at the Yale Institute for Sacred Music (ISM). In 2020, she began offering life-writing webinars with change-makers in creative nonfiction. She is a certified Spiritual Director.

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