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Program Overview


The Heart of a Buddha spiritual formation provides a rich and challenging environment to sink deeply into one's life, encouraging the discovery of what is essential and what it means to live wholeheartedly. This program is for anyone wishing to live a conscious and purposeful life. The program is psychoeducational and provides content on a monthly topic, as well as contemplative reading, exercises, and reflective questions. Importantly, the program offers an opportunity to integrate learning with a shared group dialogue process, held once a month for two hours. 

Participants who will most enjoy this program are those:


  • Seeking a spiritual community that practices listening deeply to oneself, one another, the Earth, and the Divine/Buddha.

  • Wanting to look at oneself honestly and to reflect on experience through contemplative practice, reading, and shared dialogue. 

  • Desiring to live a life of compassionate service.

  • Seeking to live a contemplative life.

The strength of this program is that it is integrative, inviting participants into a learning community that upholds personal everyday lived experience as the catalyst for inner transformation. 

When engaging in group process, we strictly adhere to the principle of confidentiality. Each member concentrates solely on their own process and does not interfere with another member’s self-investigation. In this way, the emergence of one’s truth occurs in an environment of safety and non-interference. Facilitators are sanctioned with the responsibility of ensuring this.

This two-year program is focused in three areas: Awakening, Healing and Engagement. Year 1 places emphasis on the themes as they relate to the "self," and, Year 2 focuses on the themes as they relate to others and Earth. Each theme will be investigated from head, heart, and body perspectives, with a particular emphasis on the heart. While the themes are distinct, they build upon one another and are regarded as a sequential template for human transformation and maturation. 

The Heart of a Buddha includes teachings from various wisdom traditions and psychological schools of thought. While Pure Land Buddhism is integral to the program, no background in or affiliation is required.

Online sessions are held every two weeks with intermittent breaks. Go to Program Details for precise dates.


*Year 2 themes will be added in June 2022.

** Themes are subject to change based on the interests of the facilitators and/or the participants.

Year 1 -Awaken


Theme 1:  Setting our Intention and Establishing a Sacred Practice

Theme 2:  Kuan Yin - Loving Buddha 

Theme 3:  The Evolutionary

Process of Awakening

Year 1 - Heal

Theme 1: Facing our Shadow

Theme 2: Dream Work

Theme 3: The Trance of


Year 1 -Engage

Theme 1: Life as Vocation

Theme 2: "Most Good, Least Harm"

Theme 3: "Going forth,

returning richly"

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